Form: how get more than two Title fields

How to assign more that two Title fields in a form. The title fields are displayed in the header of the form and linked to the TitleField1 and TitleField2 property on the related table of the data source. If more that two header fields are needed, follow the steps in this posting.

We only have two Title Fields (Title Field1 and TitleField2 in the table properties, so logically the number of fields we can choose for the form title seems limited, but there is a trick to overcome this. 

Create a new field with the name and EDT based “Description”. No need to add this field to a field group.

We create a method for example with the name “updateDescription”. Here we define the composition of the fields we would like to see. 

Then we made the following change in the ModifiedField method, so that if the values of our selected fields is changing, form title automatically get updated: